Okay, so the whole “Spam Tuesday” was a bust (Maybe spam Saturdays would work better?) I don’t discover that much underground bands on a weekly or even bi-weekly basis, and sometimes I just get downright lazy (sue me).

What I’ll be doing here is, I’ll be posting some music that I personally find enjoyable, be it from underground bands or not, but priority will be for underground metal bands, even more priority will be for local underground metal bands, EVEN MOAR priority will go to my band, because we’re underground, local, and we only have one song out. (Love us? Please?)

First up, I’d like to tell you all that Devin Townsend has recorded and (almost) released a new album for The Devin Townsend Project called Epicloud! I’m personally not sure if it’s Epicloud for Epic cloud or Epic Loud, but it’s not that loud, so it must be the first choice (Fluffy cloud would have been a better name, but, whatever). He also is awesome enough to have it entirely stream-able for freaking free! So, yeah, Listen to it there.

More epic news, Dethklok have a new video out! A very VERY weird video, of the NSFW variations. I’m not going to spoil it, but you’ll get to see a Pharaoh getting a blowjob from Mortal Kombat’s Mileena.

He also says testicular propane, which is, hands down, the awesomest most coolest phrase I have heard in my entire 22 years of earthly existence.

Also, if you have never heard of them, and chances are, you haven’t, Armenian Space Station! These people define the word “Underground”, I knew of them through a friend (An Armenian friend), and no one else I know knew about them before him, which seems a bit eerie to me.


As per usual, support my band, because we’re good, and support our producer (He has some good shit in the works!).


Spam Tuesday (5)

So, yeah, I realize last time I posted a new Spam Tuesday wasn’t exactly two weeks ago, but, well, here it is, apologies for the delay, and hope you guys and gals enjoy this week’s Spam Tuesday!

First off, we have a band that I’m surprised I haven’t known about earlier, they hail from the very place were Pantera came from, Denison, Texas. This band is none other than Texas Hippie Coalition!

Next up, we have a band that I discovered from watching The Walking Dead (Great show to the 2 or 3 of you who have never seen it)

This next track however, is one that I could not believe it would exist, after listening to it, I really wouldn’t mind dying as to how epic it is, why I think it’s that epic you ask? Well, put mildly, it has Vishal Singh, AND Marty Friedman! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Skyharbor.

Next band is one I have featured more than once in my Spam Tuesdays, simply because they’re very good!  Hailing from Maryland, I give you folks, Alhazred!

Alhazred – Death, Slavery, And The Pursuit of Misery

Last, but definitely not least, check out my own band, Fanatik, and our producer’s (Michael Maurice) page!

If you guys have any new music for me to review or to feature in the next Spam Tuesday, let me know by commenting below! Have a nice day, folks!

Spam Tuesday (4)

Hello, people! To those of you who celebrated easter yesterday, happy easter and stuff, to those of you who will celebrate it next week, well, happy easter and stuff.

I’ll be starting things off with a song I got introduced to through this (awesome) website, sadly though, it only works in the US, anyway, here’s the song:

Fucking awesome song, ey? Makes me laugh every single time! Funny as balls, I tell ya! Too far? Yeah, thought so, well, onto the next track!

This track right here, I’ve been told, is nothing all that special, and that I’ve been hyping it way too much, but I don’t give a shit, it’s awesome, it’s way primal, and it’s just so, brutal in a very deep/primal way.

Another musician I got introduced to very recently, has, actually, nothing to do with metal, she’s a violinist that is frankly quite hot, anyway, enjoy.

Last, but definitely not least, for all you Starcraft fans, here’s a little nice treat.

As usual, support FanatiK, and Michael Maurice.

If you guys have any music to suggest, please do, and leave your impressions of what has been posted up here, down there. Take it easy, folks!

Spam Tuesday (3)

Greetings, true believers! Since today is our scheduled spam day, which coincides with two of my friends’ birthdays (who I also spam, regularly), I shall bestow upon you all the great knowledges I have acquired in this rather short two week period.

I’ll start off with a song off a video game, and a very grim one at that (Which I’ll be reviewing once I’m done with my midterms).



Next up, there’s a weird mash up between Djent and Dubstep, this magical concoction has been made possible by non other than N3Z-3, and as the dude calls the genre himself, Djentstep.



Another not-so pretty obscure band, Cloudkicker, though if you’ve listened to Cloudkicker before, you’ll be pretty surprised as to what you’ll listen to here, not the typical djent-y Cloudkicker, but rather a more mellow, warm Cloudkicker.



That’s it for today though, I know it’s a little lacking than what was here the other week, but I’m sick, sue me.

As usual, check out my band here: FanatiK

Our producer: Michael Maurice

You guys have a nice week, and do post comments of any new music you want me to put on the next Spam Tuesday.

Spam Tuesday (2)

Hello, folks!

I skipped a week, I guess I just forgot, then again, this could work better as a bi-weekly thing! It would definitely give me more time to discover new music/games/tech, and since I manage this blog alone, it would be easier for me!

I’ll start off with a band that is not very underground, but not very mainstream either, Strapping Young Lad, since these dudes have Devin Townsend in them, you can already tell everything they make is pure epicness.

Another Devin Townsend track, would be from his “The Devin Townsend Project”, well, project, called Supercrush! I never really gave this band a proper listen, not until now since I can’t find that particular album with Supercrush in the nearby FYE, but I did find Deconstruction, I’ll definitely buy it and give it a listen. Anyway, I was introduced to this song by a friend, and she never really liked Devin Townsend at first, so I thought I had to give this a listen, anyway, here it is.

Another very nice, yet obscure project, Ambeon, same dude behind Ayreon I reckon, but more emotional, definitely worthy of a listen

Now, onto something a little less obscure, and a little more epic, Gojira! I’m a BIG fan of these guys! They completely redefined French bands for me! Especially in this live version of A Sight To Behold, it is one of those tracks that really show how attached the band members are to their music, very epic stuff.

Another band I had never thought of giving a listen to, was Gigan, and man, did I miss out! These behemoths of the underground metal scene are definitely worth your time!

And now, the most emotional piece of music I have had the pleasure to listen to, out of the Dark Souls soundtrack.

Last but not least, a little self promotion and recognition of some friends’ underground acts.

Michael Maurice – They Will Be Remembered

Alhazred – Viral Fear

That is all for today, people. Let me know what you think of the selection, and if you have more suggestions for me to give a listen to, please don’t hesitate to post in the comments.

Spam Tuesday!

I’m going to start something new here and call it “Spam Tuesday” where I drop some pristine “A” grade crap your way! Sounds awesome, I know.

This Spam Tuesday, I’ll be bombarding your earholes with some epic underground musicians that totally deserve the recognition, starting with *Drum roll*:

FanatiK! (because self promotion is the shit!) This band consists of two dudes, my self, and some other dude on production duties, we just released our first track, listen to it or get assassinated.

Next on Spam Tuesday, we have the guy who produced FanatiK’s first track (oh look, a flying bra!) Michael Maurice! This dude makes some really gnarly EDM shit that is absolutely worth your time.

Michael Maurice – They will be remebered

Next up, we have a great death metal band from Baltimore, MD, named “Alhazred“, with this guy as their drummer, and in my experience with music, whenever a band has a drummer that looks suspiciously a lot like a viking, they’re bound to be awesome.

Alhazred – Viral Fear

So now that we’ve covere the west, and the mid east, we shall venture to India, the land of the epic Vishal J. Singh and his band, Amogh Symphony (seriously, if you haven’t given this guy a listen, you’re missing out… A LOT).

Last, but definitely not least, we have the guy that makes almost all bassists feel like they should just stop playing because of how good he is, Colin Waldo!