Mustaine: A life in metal (book review)

(I couldn’t write the review on Amazon, so I’m going to write it here)

Let me start off by saying that I’m in no way a book worm, I have however read a couple of books here and there, but not by any means an avid reader, not because I don’t like reading, but I don’t have a really big attention span, if the thing at hand doesn’t capture my attention almost immediately, I stop focusing.

With that said, I can say that Dave Mustaine’s biography took me a total of 3 days to finish, and adore, I might add, it only took that long since I used to read only during my bus rides to university, I loved the book because it felt as if I was sitting on a couch, with Dave sitting in front of me, talking about his life, and sharing two beers, it was THAT nicely written! And also partly because I’m a huge Megadeth fan (lol!)

Onto the review…

That's hard cover, baby!

That's hard cover, baby!

The book starts off with a small intro saying how Hetfield was one of Mustaine’s best friends, and goes on to talk about that for a bit more, look at it as a small book wrap up, then he goes on to talking about his childhood, and it goes to show that Mustaine had one fucked up childhood! I won’t get into the details as to not give away any spoilers, and frankly because I haven’t read the book in a while, lent it to my cousin a while back so I didn’t have the time to read it again, anyway, after he finishes talking about his childhood, he goes on to talk about how he started meeting Lars Ulrich, and James Hetfield, and he talks about the friendship they developed through music and getting fucked up on drugs and alcohol, then talks about how they met Cliff Burton, then talks about the tour in which they let him (Dave) go, how he was enraged going back, and how he started cooking up the idea of writing his own songs starting off with a song called Megadeth (which ended up to be Set The World Afire) and he talks about where he got that “MegadeAth” name for the first time, then talks about how he met Ellefson (aka: Junior) and then talks about the plethora of Guitarists/Drummers they met to get to the current line-up, with more emphasis on the pre- The System has Failed era, which was the only disappointing thing in my opinion, I wanted to read more about those later albums, the book ends before the Big Four tour, and by extension does not cover how the two bands stand now.

All in all, this book is a MUST read for 80’s Thrash fans, for Megadeth fans, AND for Metallica fans! It’s not a book where Mustaine boasts about how he was right and everyone else is wrong, it’s a book that shows how Mustaine admits his wrongs, talks from a place of experience, and shares exactly how he feels about every musician mentioned in the book. Oh, it has shitloads of Rehab sessions as well!

More Megadeth? Anyone?