Hello me, meet the real me!

I’m a 23 year old Bassist/Gamer/Designer/(Kind of a) Developer, studying Digital media engineering (fancy for photoshop/maya/some audio editing apps/and a plethora of useless programming languages!) at the German University in Cairo (no, I don’t speak German), and I’m a senior!
Strictly a PlayStation 3 and a PC gamer (Cause I can’t afford buying another console, and the most advanced PC game I had was Oblivion, yep, my PC sucks).
REALLY into metal music, basically Thrash metal, going all up to the more extreme/obscure genres of metal.

14 thoughts on “Hello me, meet the real me!

    • Thank you, dude πŸ˜€ You’ll be seeing nicer stuff in the blog, I just need to be done with my make up exam first, do comment though on anything you find interesting on the blog! It’s completely welcome, even if you’ll just cuss me off xD

  1. Dude, you’re good! Seriously … shoflak 7al fel forms we have to fill (like the e-mail address one)
    b3id 3an keda, your blog is awesome! If you review stuff about EDM, it would be the #1 blog for me xD

    • Thanks, mate, I try to keep it at a post/day, but that will undoubtedly decline during college, though you will find stuff that will appeal to you, if you’re into gaming at all, and I do the occasional Tech review! Thanks for checking my blog out!

  2. Hey man, how are you doing ?!, I hope you are doing great.

    Quick Question what sort of Designer/Developer are you ?!, by any chance are you in a branch of video game developing College or something ?!, I am not so sure if GUC has one or what, I am actually looking to learn quite a few things since I want to be a game designer myself, but no such teaching in Egypt sadly as far as I know.

    • Actually, yes, more or less game development, though not specialised in anything, but with a bit of object oriented programming knowledge you can dabble with graphic engines such as Unity or UDK3 or whathaveyou. And the GUC doesn’t have a game development school per se, but what I’m enrolled in is the closest you can get to said game development, I’m studying Digital Media Engineering, we take everything all the way from sound waves and signals down to low level hardware programming, passing by some graphics courses and audio courses in-between. Pretty interesting if you take out the physics in the first 3 semesters! Lol!

      • That’s very interesting ((grrrr, I wish I knew about it earlier)), of course there is no 2 years or something Course for those who are not enrolled in Digital Media Engineering ?!, or is there ?!

        I heard there are schools/colleges that gives a couple courses for game designing, but last I checked that was in United Arab Emirates :D, I wonder if you have something similar in the GUC.

      • Not that I know of! LOL! And trust me, you’re not missing out a lot, sure the courses are nice and interesting, but the university itself is terrible. It’s actually sad how atrociously horrible it is, I would not even wish it on my enemies let alone a fellow blogger! You can always familiarize yourself a bit with Object Oriented Programming (C++, Java and the likes) and just follow some tutorials till you’re able to write away yourself!

  3. Thanks alot for answering my questions, and maybe one day somehow we can work together on a game or something, one can hope right πŸ˜‰

    As for college, well believe every college is the same, I am in ASU Pharmacy, and it is a living hell, I am struggling to graduate and leave it all behind this year, so best of luck to both of us.

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