Spam Tuesday (3)

Greetings, true believers! Since today is our scheduled spam day, which coincides with two of my friends’ birthdays (who I also spam, regularly), I shall bestow upon you all the great knowledges I have acquired in this rather short two week period.

I’ll start off with a song off a video game, and a very grim one at that (Which I’ll be reviewing once I’m done with my midterms).



Next up, there’s a weird mash up between Djent and Dubstep, this magical concoction has been made possible by non other than N3Z-3, and as the dude calls the genre himself, Djentstep.



Another not-so pretty obscure band, Cloudkicker, though if you’ve listened to Cloudkicker before, you’ll be pretty surprised as to what you’ll listen to here, not the typical djent-y Cloudkicker, but rather a more mellow, warm Cloudkicker.



That’s it for today though, I know it’s a little lacking than what was here the other week, but I’m sick, sue me.

As usual, check out my band here: FanatiK

Our producer: Michael Maurice

You guys have a nice week, and do post comments of any new music you want me to put on the next Spam Tuesday.

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