Spam Tuesday!

I’m going to start something new here and call it “Spam Tuesday” where I drop some pristine “A” grade crap your way! Sounds awesome, I know.

This Spam Tuesday, I’ll be bombarding your earholes with some epic underground musicians that totally deserve the recognition, starting with *Drum roll*:

FanatiK! (because self promotion is the shit!) This band consists of two dudes, my self, and some other dude on production duties, we just released our first track, listen to it or get assassinated.

Next on Spam Tuesday, we have the guy who produced FanatiK’s first track (oh look, a flying bra!) Michael Maurice! This dude makes some really gnarly EDM shit that is absolutely worth your time.

Michael Maurice – They will be remebered

Next up, we have a great death metal band from Baltimore, MD, named “Alhazred“, with this guy as their drummer, and in my experience with music, whenever a band has a drummer that looks suspiciously a lot like a viking, they’re bound to be awesome.

Alhazred – Viral Fear

So now that we’ve covere the west, and the mid east, we shall venture to India, the land of the epic Vishal J. Singh and his band, Amogh Symphony (seriously, if you haven’t given this guy a listen, you’re missing out… A LOT).

Last, but definitely not least, we have the guy that makes almost all bassists feel like they should just stop playing because of how good he is, Colin Waldo!

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