Spam Tuesday (5)

So, yeah, I realize last time I posted a new Spam Tuesday wasn’t exactly two weeks ago, but, well, here it is, apologies for the delay, and hope you guys and gals enjoy this week’s Spam Tuesday!

First off, we have a band that I’m surprised I haven’t known about earlier, they hail from the very place were Pantera came from, Denison, Texas. This band is none other than Texas Hippie Coalition!

Next up, we have a band that I discovered from watching The Walking Dead (Great show to the 2 or 3 of you who have never seen it)

This next track however, is one that I could not believe it would exist, after listening to it, I really wouldn’t mind dying as to how epic it is, why I think it’s that epic you ask? Well, put mildly, it has Vishal Singh, AND Marty Friedman! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Skyharbor.

Next band is one I have featured more than once in my Spam Tuesdays, simply because they’re very good!  Hailing from Maryland, I give you folks, Alhazred!

Alhazred – Death, Slavery, And The Pursuit of Misery

Last, but definitely not least, check out my own band, Fanatik, and our producer’s (Michael Maurice) page!

If you guys have any new music for me to review or to feature in the next Spam Tuesday, let me know by commenting below! Have a nice day, folks!

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