Spam Tuesday (2)

Hello, folks!

I skipped a week, I guess I just forgot, then again, this could work better as a bi-weekly thing! It would definitely give me more time to discover new music/games/tech, and since I manage this blog alone, it would be easier for me!

I’ll start off with a band that is not very underground, but not very mainstream either, Strapping Young Lad, since these dudes have Devin Townsend in them, you can already tell everything they make is pure epicness.

Another Devin Townsend track, would be from his “The Devin Townsend Project”, well, project, called Supercrush! I never really gave this band a proper listen, not until now since I can’t find that particular album with Supercrush in the nearby FYE, but I did find Deconstruction, I’ll definitely buy it and give it a listen. Anyway, I was introduced to this song by a friend, and she never really liked Devin Townsend at first, so I thought I had to give this a listen, anyway, here it is.

Another very nice, yet obscure project, Ambeon, same dude behind Ayreon I reckon, but more emotional, definitely worthy of a listen

Now, onto something a little less obscure, and a little more epic, Gojira! I’m a BIG fan of these guys! They completely redefined French bands for me! Especially in this live version of A Sight To Behold, it is one of those tracks that really show how attached the band members are to their music, very epic stuff.

Another band I had never thought of giving a listen to, was Gigan, and man, did I miss out! These behemoths of the underground metal scene are definitely worth your time!

And now, the most emotional piece of music I have had the pleasure to listen to, out of the Dark Souls soundtrack.

Last but not least, a little self promotion and recognition of some friends’ underground acts.

Michael Maurice – They Will Be Remembered

Alhazred – Viral Fear

That is all for today, people. Let me know what you think of the selection, and if you have more suggestions for me to give a listen to, please don’t hesitate to post in the comments.

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