New PSVita model announced!


Today in Sony’s Japan event the company announced a new PlayStation Vita model (PCH-2000), yes, you read that right, even though it only came out almost a year ago. The new model has:

  • 1GB internal storage for save games
  • A – from what I understood – HD LCD screen.
  • A myriad of colors including grey, pink, yellow, and white!
  • A lighter and thinner profile (20% thinner and 15% lighter)
  • Price: 19,929 yen ($200).
  • WiFi only so far.
  • Extra hour of battery life.
  • New 64GB memory card for 10,479 yen ($105).
  • No word on western availability (yet).

Stay tuned for more information as it’s announced.


Edit 2: Soul Sacrifice Delta! This is not an updated version it’s a completely new game with new items and battles, along with a third neutral force. Releasing March 2014.

Edit 3: Phantasy Star Nova, exclusively for the PSVita in 2014.

Edit 4: Picture up there courtesy of Kotaku.

Edit 5: Terraria for PSVita! Oh fuck yes!

Edit 6: Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 for the Vita!

Edit 7: New (old) PSVita bundle with a memory card that has some games pre-installed, not a lot of other info revealed as far as I can tell.

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