Dark Souls 2

As you all probably know by now, I absolutely adore anything Dark Souls related, evident from the plethora of Dark Souls blog posts I spammed you, good folks, with! And since yesterday I was not able to watch the VGAs, I was greeted with amazing news this morning:

dark souls 2

YES! THIS WILL HAPPEN! And there’s even a trailer for it as well! I’m honestly so excited I don’t know what to write here any more!

Anyway, my two cents about this, this game is most probably next gen, so I wouldn’t expect a release date any time soon, not until the new PlayStation is announced at least (or maybe a little before it), the reason for this is that the Souls’ series have been always (more or less) PlayStation exclusives, Demon’s Souls was a PS3 exclusive, even Dark Souls was a PS3 exclusive in Japan, which has to guarantee this comes to the PlayStation (Unlike a disappointing announcement not too long ago concerning Bayonetta 2).

From the trailer, the story seems to be a prequel, since there are dragons every where, and well, Seath the Scaleless  made sure the dragons were defeated, hence this being a prequel.

Also there are some places that I think were there in Dark Souls, I didn’t see Firelink Shrine, but I did see what looked liked The Depth (where you encountered The Gaping Dragon).

Anyway, this post will be updated as I learn more information, so stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Dark Souls 2

  1. the game was said to be coming to PS3, 360 and PC

    and i hope it is not a sequel, why would there be undead ? also, it was said to be a new world (though i thought the castle looked like Anor Londo)

  2. and the dragons thing is not really an indication, the dragon in the trailer looks different (it had what looks like a third eye in the middle of his head) and also, remember Ash Lake ?

    • What are you suggesting? Evolution, perhaps? If it’s a sequel I would think it would be at least in the same era, it would take a pretty long time for the Dragons to grow (or lose) a third eye. Be it a sequel or a prequel, more Dark Souls is ALWAYS good 😀

    • Could be, OR, and bare with me through this here, one of the endings to Dark Souls was when you didn’t light the last bonfire and you replace Gwyn, maybe, it continue on that ending and you’re a new warrior wanting to defeat the first one, you know, a la Diablo 😀

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