Small tip for Egyptian gamers

Hello, folks! I haven’t written anything in a long while due to complications in college and my waiting “patiently” for Google to start indexing my new URL, though I’m not sure if this will ever happen any time soon, so I decided to just ignore it altogether!

This post today though is directed towards my fellow Egyptian gamers… Brothers, I feel your pain. Games in Egypt are stupendously expensive, and we have to go deal with Facebook groups in order to get decent prices instead of buying at retail shops, though one thing I’ve noticed, at Virgin Megastores to be precise, almost all PC games are worth 125 EGP (Save for the Blizzard and COD releases)! It’s almost laughable when you see Warhammer 40k: Space Marine for 125 EGP for the PC, and 400 EGP for the PlayStation 3! I mean, seriously, who the heck is in charge of those price tags!

This post spurted today from my buying Homefront Resist Edition for 125 EGP for the PC, I mean, sure I have a beyond mediocre PC with outdated hardware, even almost 5 years ago when I bought it, it was still outdated then, but I couldn’t just let this pass! And had I had more money, I would’ve bought Painkiller Universe for 100 EGP, Hitman Collection for 125 EGP, and freaking Warhammer: Space Marine for 125 EGP! It’s simply laughable how clueless they are, that’s actually cheaper than buying the digital versions from Steam!


Another thing I noticed, probably known to any PC gamer out there (spare me though, I haven’t bought a game for the PC -save for Diablo III- in 12 years!) that you can actually redeem the CD Key on Steam and just download the digital version, leaving your disc intact! I love that! I now own both physical AND digital versions for the low, LOW price of 125 EGP!

Anyway, enjoy your day, folks, if you know of any other good game store in Egypt that sells PC games as cheap as that, let me know!

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