How to fix a soft bricked Samsung Galaxy SII i9100

// Disclaimer: This guide is strictly for the i9100 and not any of the other Galaxy SII variants such as the i9100G.

If you were as unfortunate as I am and had your i9100 soft bricked for no apparent reason, don’t freak out, there is still hope.

As I was happily updating my rooted i9100 to the 4th build of SuperNexus, something very weird happened, my phone, after flashing the rom and doing everything as I usually do, restarted, and never got to booting, it was just stuck after the Siyah Kernel logo on a black screen, attempting to enter recovery again wasn’t paying off as I was just redirected into download mode (or Odin mode), I researched a little and came by this little handy article. Most, if not all of the information in THIS article will be attempting to make the reference article more accessible, I sincerely thank the writer of the original article for helping me bring my phone back from the dead.

To start off, let me first tell you what you will need (for a soft brick and this article, the rest is for a NAND rw corruption which can be read about in the original article mentioned above, consider only steps 1 and 2):

1*. Download your i9100 drivers from here, if you have Windows 7/8 and have connected your phone to your computer before, chances are, you won’t need them, I didn’t, but it doesn’t hurt to download them anyway.

2*. Download the i9100 recovery package (read: stock rom) from here (Gingerbread) or here (Ice Cream Sandwich), I personally used the Gingerbread rom, I would advise you to do the same, for now.

3. Download the stock kernel from here (Gingerbread) or here (Ice Cream Sandwich), according to the step above, each kernel should be used with its respective rom.

4. Download the bootloader for the Gingerbread version from here.

(the password for the Gingerbread files is: intratech@XDA) (Thanks to Lvl70PassWordMagician)

Extract the recovery package into a folder and you will find Odin inside of it. What you need to do now is start your phone in download mode by pressing simultaneously Volume Down + Home + Power, keep the pressed until you see a warning message asking you to press volume up to continue or down to restart, press Volume Up.

Open Odin on your computer, connect your phone, and the first square in the second row should turn yellow and say (0:[com#], where # depends on the USB). Make sure you have Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time ticked, only those, nothing else. Click on PDA and select the biggest file in your package folder which (in case of the Gingerbread) will be named “CODE_I9100XXKI3_CL577579_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5”, next click on phone and select the file that starts with MODEM, or this file to be more exact “MODEM_I9100XXKI3_REV_02_CL1062028.tar.md5”, finally click on CSC and choose the one with CSC in it, or this one: “GT-I9100-CSC-MULTI-OXAKI3.tar.md5”.

Now that everything is in place and your phone is connected and Odin can see it, click Start. After about 3 minutes you should be all done and the big square in the first row should be green and has “PASS!” written in it. Your phone will then restart into recovery, restore factory settings and clear the cache on its own, then it should restart once more, and voila! Your phone is back from the dead! As has mine!

UPDATE: Apparently it’s a Siyah related bug, after rooting my device again and re-installing SuperNexus Build 4 without Siyah, it booted normally, after flashing Siyah, soft bricked again.

UPDATE #2: After the third soft brick (in one day! Record?) I zeroed in on the issue, and it’s with SuperNexus’ Build 4, for some reason, it’s not playing nice with Siyah, I’m back to build 3 on Siyah 4.1.5 and it’s working like a charm!

14 thoughts on “How to fix a soft bricked Samsung Galaxy SII i9100

  1. just found the password (for gingerbread files, probably also for the ICS one)

    PW: intratech@XDA


      • Thanks for the recommendation. Performed the steps above on a colleagues phone (gingerbread option) after a failed root attempt on his part.

        Going to root, backup with cwm and then flash new rom. I run cm10.1 but still has mass storage issues. Super Nexus looks like a nice alternative, may have to do some testing.

  2. I’ve done it all and it came out ‘Failed’. My galaxy s2 now is neither entering recovery mode nor download mode but its still detected by odin in my pc. The phone itself stuck in the screen that says “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again”. What can I do now? What should I do?

  3. I had replaced my phone on eBay but then I saw your article. So So So So many thanks. You, after trying everything and spending hours doing so, solved my problem. You are a gentleman and ‘then some’.

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