Diablo 3 Steelseries mouse review

Steelseries is a well renowned company for their gaming gear, and for good reason, their stuff is good! And this gaming mouse is no different!

Let me start out by saying that this is -through and through- a gaming mouse, NOT an everyday use mouse, and I’ll be explaining why later through the review. The mouse has a nice matte feeling to it, giving it a pretty nice grip, they also went for lefty and righty with the mouse, so whichever one you are, you’ll be able to use it normally. It has seven configurable buttons, two under your thumb (or ring finger), two under your ring finger (or thumb), a left and right mouse click, and a wheel, there’s also a button to switch between CPIs ranging between 100 and 5700 CPI which would work splendidly not just for Diablo, but for FPS games as well.

Onto the driver for the mouse, it’s not included with the packaging so you have to download it from the Steelseries website, it has a really nice Diablo 3 theme to it, and allows you to configure each single button on the mouse with action slots in Diablo, and even set macros to the buttons, which is pretty neat. Now why this mouse isn’t really a good candidate for day to day use? In a nutshell, after you configure it through the driver, any accidental click on any of the side buttons will execute the macro or action button you mapped it to, can get pretty annoying though.

I did come across some problems, when I first plugged it into my Macbook Pro, the computer crashed, after installing the driver, the computer crashed, after first removing it, the computer… Well, it crashed again, but after that it worked -almost- flawlessly, the one button that doesn’t seem to work is the CPI switch button, not sure why though, could be something with the driver, other than that, it works perfectly.

Let me know if you folks have used this, or other gaming mice, and let me know what you think of them!

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