Sony to acquire Gaikai!

So as I was idly looking through my twitter feed this morning, I noticed a post from IGN (and Gamespot as well) that Sony has purchased the cloud gaming giant, Gaikai, for, well, 380 million dollars, weird since Sony wasn’t making much in the way of money as of some recent console launch and them losing money and all…

Now this alliance was heavily rumored in the not so distant past, a little before 2012’s E3, now as to why I fear this will cause a LOT of gamers to turn away from Sony should they implement cloud gaming as the main medium in the next PlayStation is this: Basically, not everywhere has internet connections as fast as light, over here in Egypt, the premium is considered the 8 Mbit downlink connection, and while cloud game services such as OnLive state that the minimum is 4 Mbit, I had slight lag in Super Street Fighter 4 on a 20 Mbit connection in philadelphia, now imagine how an 8 Mbit connection can possibly do any better. And that’s the premium, most households here still run on 512 Kbit/s connections – 2 Mbit/s connections which is no where near what is minimum to smoothly stream a video game.

As to why I think Sony might implement this, at least partly (which will be a lot better and I’ll explain why later) is that rumors have been floating around a lot about a block of used games on next generation consoles, wouldn’t this be much easier to implement if the games were bought on the cloud as OnLive does? Certainly! You will never be able to trade in your used games ever again, your friends won’t ever be able to borrow a game of yours, or you borrow one of theirs, and the next gen console makers will reign supreme in their thrones made of money and wasted hopes of game sharing! Okay, that might have been a bit of a stretch, but the point stands. Because of the bandwidth reasons mentioned before, most people in Egypt, and other countries with similar internet issues won’t stand a chance. However, if Sony played this right and just implemented the system alongside the current one, it will prove very beneficial to them. Think of it this way, you get the choice of either buying and downloading a certain PSN game to your PlayStation, OR, you buy the game and stream it instantly! With no waiting what so ever! Wouldn’t that be nice? What would also be even nicer is if you buy a PSN game and you install said game on your console, however, let’s say you sold that console, moved somewhere with a really nice connection, with the same purchase, you can stream the game instead of downloading it! Kind of like getting to versions of the game without actually buying two versions of the game, since it’s essentially the same game, the same price, just a different delivery method! Of course this would also be extended to demos as well.

That’s basically my two cents concerning the issue at hand, let me know what you folks think below!


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