Diablo III (PC/Mac) Review (Updated)

Hello, dear readers! I have only recently been able to get my hands on Diablo 3, why this late? Because I had finals and I didn’t want to fail them, that’s why! And it’s good that I waited this long because trust me, this game is addictive as all hell! (Pun intended)

I installed this game on my Mac since my PC is not nearly powerful enough to run it, but don’t let this scare you off from buying the game, it doesn’t actually require, say, a Battlefield 3 gaming machine, not even close, my mac is a 2009 Macbook Pro (the one with the 9600M GT and the 2.8 Core 2 Duo processor) sure it runs the game on the lowest widescreen resolution possible, with absolutely no eye candy present, but it runs! At almost 40~50 fps too! Okay, it might need a bit of a powerful PC…

Anyway! Diablo! So I’ve been waiting, heck we’ve all been waiting for this game to release for what, 12 years now? Let me tell you this, it was worth the wait, though I believe it could have been slightly longer, the game is a bit too short, and WAY too easy for a Diablo game, I used to get slaughtered at bosses in Diablo II, Duriel would literally rape my Paladin, what Diablo did to my Necromancer was unspeakable, and that was on the normal difficulty! In Diablo III however, I managed to finish the entire game, solo, on normal in 14 hours with exactly one death, and that death wasn’t at a boos, it was a very stupid death at a moment where I have been playing the game for almost six straight hours and lost comprehension of all human interactions, it happens when you play this game for long periods of time. The game on Nightmare difficulty however, totally different story.

I played a Monk, a level 37 Monk now on my Nightmare run, the story of Diablo III stacks up to that of Diablo II’s and I’s in terms of consistency, you’ll feel like you’ve seen this all happen before, you know what will happen next, there’s no awe-inspiring epic moments, heaven is still as beautiful as it looked in Diablo II (or what we’ve seen of it anyway), hell is still the same as Diablo II’s, come to think of it, the game areas are a LOT like Diablo II’s, which brings me to my next point, basically the first act, in terms of environment is exactly like the Rogue Encampent, second act, Lut Gholein, third act, well, not like Diablo II’s third act (Man, I hated that act) but still a lot similar to Lut Gholein, and that is a positive thing in my opinion, you get to see these areas re-imagined in Diablo III, sure they’re not the same towns, but it makes sense that the environments should be similar, they’re near each other, Caldeum is a bit to the east of Lut Gholein, which means, almost similar monsters, and Blizzard doesn’t disappoint the Diablo fan at this point, you do get similar monsters, and in hell, you get monsters from the first Diablo! Which reminds me, the butcher is back, from the first Diablo, I’m sure you all remember the “AAAAHHH, FRESH MEAT.” except this time, he skips the “AAAHHH” and cuts to the chase. As to how the Butcher is there, I’ll leave that to you to discover.

Anyway, back to the story line, you arrive at this town, New Tristram, where the guards are fending off a wave of zombies, you help them, and you go in the town where you meet Leah! Leah is Deckard Cain’s niece and she was with Cain when the “Falling Star” hit the chapel at the old Tristram’s location where Cain has fallen in the debris of the chapel, and you, brave warrior, will help Leah find her uncle! After rescuing Cain, you discover that the falling star was a man and that his sword was shattered, and he lost his memory, you bring the sword pieces together and the man gets his memory back, I won’t say who he is, it’s a nice surprise, anyway, you find out that the evils are trying to take over the world again, and generic Diablo story.

I can’t really comment on the graphics since I was running the game on the lowest setting possible, but it looks like it might have nice graphics!

The soundtrack though, is as what you can expect from a Diablo game, wonderful! The new Tristram theme is really amazing, and the music throughout the game is really nice as well, so is the voice acting in the game!

Now that we’re through with this stuff, let me get more in game specifics.

Diablo III is not offline… Yep, it sucks, but you’ll adapt, with that out of the way, the game has five playable classes, with both male and female, there’s the barbarian, the demon hunter, the monk, the witch doctor, and the wizard, I have only played the monk so far. Each character has a nice set of skills, two of which are assignable to your left and right mouse buttons, four to your number keys, and three passives. As you level up, you unlock a new skill/rune, basically, with each level, you get something new so you’ll never feel bored, and you’re never stuck with your build forever, you can always change your skills, which is really nice, especially for someone like me, since I’ve never been into very specific builds, I usually like to go with the flow of the game.

The last thing I’ll talk about here is the auction house. Now I thought at first that the auction house was a really good addition, but after actually having purchased something from it, I’m inclined not to think so, or I think that it should be accessible by people who have beaten the normal difficulty, I bought a legendary weapon off the auction house, at a ridiculously low price, mind you, and it had made me extremely over powered, beating Diablo was a walk in the park with my gear. So it can be a little game breaking. Anyway, there are actually two auction houses, a gold based one, and a real money based one, and I’ve actually seen something being sold at 120 British pounds! Not sure if anyone actually bought it or not, but it was there. Anyway, the auction house is a nice addition, if you won’t use it in your normal game run, trust me, it can be game breaking, or I’m not sure if the game was just THAT easy.

Well, let me know what you folks think of the game, did you like it? Did it stack up to your expectations?


*UPDATE: The game actually runs beautifully on the aforementioned setup! I tried maxing out everything, just to see how my laptop would hold up, and I’m getting what I’m assuming is 25~30 fps! With absolutely everything maxed out! And the game looks terrific by the way!

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