Dark Souls for the PC is happening!

Exactly 23 minutes ago, Dark Souls’ official Facebook page brought down “The wall”, that mighty structure that was housing behind it the epic-est of news, and the news were, yep, you guessed it, a PC port for Dark Souls!

A prepare to die edition... Clever.


Now why is it that I think this will be extremely epic, you ask? Well, to answer this, I’ll have to back up a couple of months. While you all know I’m through and through a PlayStation fanboy (Yep, I admit it, I’m not even ashamed of saying so) I was happy the Xbox got Dark Souls as well, unlike Demon’s Souls PlayStation exclusivity, this is mainly because, from my experience in Dark Souls, it slowly, but very surely, started nesting in my heart, and easily became one of my all time favorite video games, and I was very happy to learn that other people will also get to appreciate this masterpiece, and since I would be a PC gamer if I had the money to buy myself a decent gaming rig, I’m still just as happy for the PC gamers, because Dark Souls isn’t just another RPG coming your way, to me, it was actually nicer than Skyrim! Don’t get me wrong though, Skyrim is well beyond epic, it just lacks the difficulty Dark Souls has, and the atmosphere… That grim, depressive atmosphere that makes you always think of “how many times am I going to die in this next part” instead of thinking of what you should level up next.

Believe it or not, Dark Souls has actually helped me through last year’s finals, I started playing it by the time the finals were around the corner, and I was extremely stressed out since I had shitloads of studying to do, this game takes your mind off of everything, and emerges you in its world, it’s deep, dark, beautifully nightmarish world.

Anyway, back to why this port will be awesome, the Facebook page also announced new bosses, an entire new area “Artorias of the Abyss” (which would make sense since the whole Abyss area of the game wasn’t explained much, you got the ring from sif, went over to new londo ruins, hacked and slashed a bit till you reached the abyss, and died a zillion times at the four kings). And what does this mean to console players? Well, there was a rumored DLC coming for Dark Souls some time ago, I guess there’s a very good chance that this is it! The Facebook page also mentions an enhanced PVP system, that’s always welcomed!

Let me know what you folks think of the PC port, do you feel like it’s a good move, or was the soul series supposed to maintain its exclusivity?

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