Infamous: Festival of blood (PS3) Review: It’s so electrifying, it’ll suck your blood dry!

Infamous: Festival of blood is Sucker Punch’s newest entry to the Infamous series, set somewhere in an alternate reality version of Infamous 2, where Cole is a vampire, yep, you read that right.

Festival of blood starts off with Zeke talking up a nice looking lady in a bar, trying to get her to stay with him a little, as he then mentions Cole Mcgrath, and she sits in disbelief that a man like Zeke, could really be friends with the demon of Empire city, he then continues on to tell her about the time he save Cole, and his adventures with him on the night of the Festival of blood.

The story here is of Bloody Mary, here she is depicted as a vampire who was resurrected by Cole’s blood, after Cole being overpowered by a bunch of vampires and dragged to her lair. Cole, being the powerful conduit he is, resurrected Mary with a few drops of his blood, where she sat up, bit him, and started to drain him of his blood. Later on, Cole finds himself craving blood himself and realizes that he has become a vampire himself, and has only until sunrise to reverse the process, else he’ll stay a vampire for good.

Gone is the karma system for this mini-game,  you play as infamous Cole with his evil powers unlocked one by one after completing some tasks (killing a few vampires, draining some civilians of their blood, etc..), the karmic system is now replaced with a blood meter which Cole fills after either draining a civilian of his/her blood, or finishing off vampires. Cole gets an array of cool new powers, one of which enables Cole to transform into a swarm of bats, and scale the entire city extremely fast, another is “Vampire Vision”, Vampire vision is this state where Cole can detect normal civilians from vampires, or “new borns” in disguise, and give them a one hit kill with his new cross stake. Instead of power shards, you destroy blood urns to increase your blood meter and giving you more bat time.

The game is of a decent length for its price of $10, it’s almost a 3 hour game, with an online component, just like Infamous 2’s (The UGC). While there is absolutely no side missions to the game, the random encounters of vampire packs almost make up for it, but the addition of side quests wasn’t really expected at my end since it’s a mini game after all.

Graphically, the game is identical to Infamous 2, which is amazingly good for a $10 title. The music throughout the game is also very good, dark and heavy, which suits the whole “Vampire” them well.

All in all, it was a bold move from Sucker Punch to bring out an alternate reality version of Infamous, especially since the ending for Infamous 2 was somewhat ambiguous. Let me know if you’ve enjoyed Festival of blood or not, and what you wished Sucker Punch would have done different.


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