Apple’s iPhone 4S vs. Samsung’s Galaxy SII

I’ll be posting a video review this time around as I think it’ll be better at conveying what I’m trying to say, more visual aids = better reviews! (I guess)

Anyway, a couple of things I forgot to mention in the review (seeing how nervous I was, getting better though!)

iPhone’s new notification center is a straight rip off from Android, that’s as clear as day light, so there’s no arguments there, also Siri, as nice as it was, wasn’t actually as responsive as one had hoped, you actually have to give her a few tries before Siri actually understands what it is you want. After digging a little through my GSII I stumbled upon a similar, yet very under developed feature called Voice Talk, with “Galaxy” having also a female voice, and talking to you like Siri, Siri is a bit funnier though, to be honest.

Both phones have front facing cameras, iPhone’s a VGA one, while the GSII has a 2MP camera.

Something was a bit weird on the browser front though, in the video, Engadget loaded faster on the 4S, while when I tried it the first time, I tried loading GSMArena on both phones at the same time, the GSII loaded the page significantly faster, also, YouTube is MUCH faster on the GSII than it is on the 4S.

The UI lag on the GSII, while unnoticeable, will definitely be gone by Ice Cream Sandwich’s release. (it’s like comparing a game running at 30 FPS to one running at 60 FPS, GSII being the 30).


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