Apple FINALLY offering unlocked iPhones on their website

Apple has always been the mythical retailer that offered everything, all the way from their revolutionary iPods to Macbooks, and iPhones, though it was always the same issue when it came to non US residents who want to buy an iPhone, Apple’s website always sold the carrier locked version, or at least on the main store page, you had to dig deep through piles of tiny text to find how much the unlocked version would cost, and even then I don’t think you could order it through the website, however, as I was reading through Engadget (<3) I fount an article saying that it’s there! I went to the source, and, apparently, it WAS there, priced and everything, and not in tiny text! No! It was getting the same respect as its carrier locked buddy!

It’s nice that the 16 GB model is actually cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S II (running for $700), which is understandable since the GSII’s processor is clocked higher (not significantly higher), it’s a good move on Apple’s side to finally consider overseas customers who can’t get carrier locked phones, it’ll certainly eliminate most of the “Unlocking” scene that’s been going on ever since the first iPhone hit the market.

Now for those of you who were living under a rock for the past few months, the iPhone 4S sports the very same chip that made us love the iPad 2, the A5 processor clocked at 1 GHz, I personally would’ve preferred if Apple had clocked it higher, since most of the competition are well above the 1.2 GHz mark by now, and with Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chip on the way, Apple won’t stand a chance unless they release a beast of a smartphone next year. The iPhone 4S also has an 8 MP camera, and it sports iOS 5.

Are you getting an iPhone 4S now that ordering one is significantly easier? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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