Infamous 2 (PS3) Review: An -almost- electrifying experience!

Infamous 2 is Sucker Punch’s latest installment in the electricity shooting super hero with a decision making dilemma, Cole Macgrath.

The game starts off with Cole and Zeke arriving to New Marais, a promised land according to their latest visit, however, Zeke’s hopes of getting -in his own words- “Booze, Boobs, and Bolts” were mercilessly crushed as they both found out what New Marais has become, occupied by a new force called “The Militia” ran by some guy called “Bertrand”. After a quick introduction to the characters, controls, and a look at the “Beast” you’ll be looking forward to fight, you’ll get a choice as to whether blow up a village, or boost a power station enough just to lower the bridge, and this is where you’ll start your karmic decision making adventure, alternatively, if you played the first Infamous, you can choose to continue your story (aka: karma state), and that’s what I did anyway, started the game with a boost in my good karma. After that, the plethora of side missions and main missions, including karmic decisions will rain on you.

A good thing introduced to the game is, as opposed to the first Infamous, when you kill a villain, and a side mission pops up from him, it’s not always a blast shard package that you need to pick up, now you get to fight a convoy! They mainly alternate between those two, while the missions are more creative than in the first Infamous, there are some repetitive side missions, however the new powers introduced in the game make up for the lack of mission creativity. The amount of powers however is very overwhelming, you’ll end up using a couple of them and completely forgetting about some of the ones you thought might have been cool.

In infamous 2, half way through the game you get to choose to merge your powers with one of your two new friends playing the usual devil vs. angel debate, you can choose either to infuse yourself with ice or fire, which adds a pretty cool new side to the game, but that’s mainly about it as to how good the game was, sadly, there are other things that didn’t make this game shine as well as it should have.

While the concept of a non Marvel/DC super hero is definitely cool, infamous takes itself way too seriously most of the time, especially Cole, he might have done good to have learned a thing or two from Drake! However, Zeke is supposed to serve as the comic relief to the story, though had Cole thrown in a joke or two at times, it would have made the game much lighter and nicer to play.

Another thing is, the visuals are well beyond outdated! While Sucker Punch fixed the frame rate drop that was in the first infamous, infamous 2’s graphics suffered badly, it’s all very grainy, and it really looks outdated, with occasional frame rate drops at very intense moments (in Sucker Punch’s defense, you need to be attacked by three rockets, while you’re using your static thrusters and throwing a grenade to see the frame rate drop).

The soundtrack is okay, while I haven’t noticed much music playing as I played through as a Hero, when you decide to choose the other path, you can here a sad, depressive tune playing in the background.

Story wise, infamous 2 does a nice job taking up where infamous left off, and the twist at the end is really nice, though I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy this as a new copy, especially that the multiplayer isn’t THAT addictive, if you do happen to find a used copy for a decent price, go for it!

Let me know your thoughts about infamous 2, what you liked and disliked in Cole’s new story.


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