Battlefield 3 Beta First Impressions (PS3)

Battlefield has always been one of my favorite shooter franchises ever since Battlefield Vietnam, and needless to say, I pre-ordered Battlefield 3. Today was a particularly exciting day since the Open Beta came out, and while I did get an invite to the closed Alpha, my PC wasn’t powerful enough to actually run it, anyway, on to the review.

I got a message on my PSN from a friend, telling me the open Beta was finally out, and I rushed to download it (no pun intended, all you BF nerds will get this! lol!) and it didn’t take all that long, it was only a 1175 MB file, downloaded quickly, and loaded quickly as well! The menu screen looks really nice, and goes around with you as you move from one menu item to the other, a la Killzone, but that’s not where we’ll be spending most of our time, now is it! The game finds you a party to play with really fast, just like how Bad Company 2 was, and for the Beta, the only mode available is Rush, and the only map available is the Metro map, which was really cool from what we saw during the E3 trailer a few months ago.

The first thing I noticed about the game, was how shiny everything was! Seriously! I mean the lighting in Bad Company 2 was nice, but damn! BF3’s just blows it away! You can see the reflection of the sun on small water puddles on the ground, and the sun just looks realistic, more so than in any other game I’ve played. Physics wise, this game is incredible, I literally saw a man thrown up not less than 20~30 feet in the air after being shot at with an RPG! You also get a nifty little animation when you jump over obstacles, and when you’re sprinting, you can jump, and hit R3 twice to prone after the jump, and this is exactly what is done, you land prone-ing which is amazing in intense fire fights (just give us a slow time ability and we have an epic Matrix game on our hands!). Forstbite 2 engine shines in all of this, with the intense physics, the destructible environments; speaking of which, you throw a grenade near a tree, and it falls! Why haven’t they done THAT before! (Seriously, it’s like a whole new world!)

The damage system has been greatly improved since Bad Company 2, according to where, and to what extent you’re hit, the screen blurs a little, and the redness of the screen indicates the intensity of the shot, although you do die awfully fast in the game, it’s still pretty exciting!

Customizability wise, each weapon has three slots for which you can assign attachments, I only played for an hour so I didn’t unlock any attachments (I kind of suck at shooter games, though somehow I really love them, ironic!), and it doesn’t stop there, you can also customize each class, and there are actually 4 classes (Assault, Support, Engineer, and Recon).

The only things I found that were annoying, was the extremely fast dying, and a very, VERY annoying glitch that happens every so often, that the screen flashes for a moment in weird colors, but this is understandable, since it’s a beta after all, but it gets really annoying!

If you haven’t played the beta yet, go and download it, totally worth it! Tell me what you guys thought of the beta in the comments section, what did you like, what did you not like, did it make you want to pre-order the game, or will it be a later buy.

And I’ll leave you folks to this sweet trailer from E3.

6 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 Beta First Impressions (PS3)

  1. the beta is really good and buggy but you have to play more dude, there’s an attachment called tactical light it blinds you enemy when you are close to him so that he misses you while firing and the laser does the same thing and btw i blew up a train today 😀

  2. The game is freaking awesome , but I didn’t like two things , first the knifing system, you can’t kill an enemy expet from behind, and if you do so, the animation takes to much time , and in an online fps every second counts, the second thing is not knowing who is shooting at you , in MAG , in the domination mode (256 players) I knew who is shooting at me, but in bf3 I got killed with one bullet , and in the kill cam the dude who shot me is holding a light machine gun!

    • I wouldn’t know about the knifing, I couldn’t get close enough to anyone! haha! and yeah, the realism in BF3 is pretty much top notch as far as damage goes, I got owned way too many times in only two games!

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