Ouroboros – Glorification Of A Myth (Album Review)

The Australian metal scene has always been one not to spit out a shit load of metal bands, but one to give out only few, and that few is of premium quality, Ouroboros is no exception to this.

Ouroboros (Pronounced: Oh-ro-bo-rus) is a 5 piece Technical Death/Thrash metal band from Sydney, Australia. While not much is known about when the band actually got together, they started touring live in 2007 with releasing a -now sold out- EP titled “A Path To Extinction”. More can be read about the band on their official Facebook page.

The album initiates with “Black Hole Generator”, first thing I noticed was how crisp the guitar sounded, rarely ever a feat of Technical Death, or Thrash for that matter, but it gives the entire album a refreshing sound that’s not found anywhere else. Black Hole Generator starts off with showing how technical the album will get, the riffing on here is ungodly, and so is the bass work, though on most of the songs, the bassist seems to just follow the guitar line, however, in Edifice Of Tyranny, there’s a nice bass solo in there that compliments the rest of the song perfectly. Ouroboros also incorporated other musical styles in the album, apparent in Lashing Of The Flames where it concludes with a Flamenco-ish part that is haunting and beautiful altogether. Drum work on the album is amazing, shining mostly in Disembodied Mind, which also has a bit of an Egyptian feel to it in terms of melody, which brings me onto my next point, the guitar solos throughout the album are all melodic, fast, and beyond technical, and all compliment the feel of their respective songs completely, which isn’t the case with most bands nowadays, where if you’re just fast, you’re good, Ouroboros prove that they’re fast, good, and are capable of making music you won’t get bored of after a lot of listens.

The album is self produced by the band, which is surprising for the amazing quality it delivers. All in all, this is a very solid entry for Ouroboros, and I’m pretty sure we’ll see them getting bigger and bigger!

Ouroboros are:

Evgeny Linnik (Vocals)
Mikhail Okrugin (Guitar)
Chris Jones (Guitar)
Michael Conti (Bass & Backing Vocals)
David Horgan (Drums)

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