Facebook’s Timeline

If you’ve watched yesterday’s F8 (Facebook’s annual developers’ conference), you would’ve heard Mark Zuckerberg talk about this new feature that will be rolled out in the next couple of weeks, it’s called Timeline, and it’s not a feature, it’s a Facebook profile facelift!

Now, to give you a feel of what it all looks like:

I had a chance today to try out the new profile layout, and I have to say, I’m impressed! And I’ll be sharing with you snapshots of how it looks like on my own Facebook profile. When you first begin “taking the tour” of the new Timeline, it asks you to put a cover picture for your profile, something that could sum it all up, I chose a picture of a guitar store, because I thought it was cool (sue me!), and this is what the profile looks like afterwards!

The new profile layout lets you update your relationship status on the fly, without needing to edit your info page, you just point your mouse upwards, and a bar will appear that has a few options, like, relationship status, work and education, living, health and wellness, and so on. You can also update your status, post a picture, or tag yourself at a place through the same bar.

This here is how you’ll be navigating throughout your timeline, as you can see, it has options to see posts from a couple of months back, going all the way back to when you first started using Facebook!

The long story in the middle of the feed here is one that I “Starred”, or in other words, chose to be on the top of my timeline so that people visiting it, can see this story first, which is really handy if you don’t want people to see something a friend posted or something (you can always delete it, sure, but, meh).

This is what the rest of the “Now” timeline looks like (it says 2007 because I had clicked on 2007, and scrolled back up), arranged neatly into grids.

If you scroll WAY down, you get to see the day on which you were born! (YAY!) and also any siblings who are younger than you will appear above you.

Choosing a date from the timeline menu, to the right, will show you the top posts you had during that particular point in time, for this picture here, my highest moment in 2008 was cutting one of my Bass’ Strings!

You can also add anything, anywhere in your timeline, by just clicking on the middle line that’s running throughout your timeline, when it changes to a plus sign, you’ll be able to post statuses, map locations, anything.

And last, but certainly not least, at the bottom of each month, you get a small stat box that shows you your progress over the month, how many Facebook friends you’ve made, what pages you liked, etc…

My personal thoughts about this new profile layout, is that it’s refreshing, and aside to the Twitter/Google+ merge that’s going on in the Facebook homepage, what they’ve done with the profile is really innovative, though it has its drawbacks, for instance, it’s a stalker’s paradise! It seriously can’t get any easier to know everything about someone than that!

But all in all, this a step forward for Facebook in the right direction.

5 thoughts on “Facebook’s Timeline

  1. If this is what u ‘can’ see or oh excuse me; what they ‘showed you’, I wonder what the Admin or Government Officials ‘can’ see.

    This is typical governmental centralized profiling of people and the good part is.. They are getting it for free without any effort or official complicated documents and other privacy/human rights officials sticking their nose into their business. This is not just abstract profiling… There is detailed and sophisticated psychological, political, .. etc etc .. whatever u wanna name it algorithmic profiling going on in the background that makes a good use of every bit of info. u spit out. Be it useless in your opinion or not.


    And now facebook, It’s your turn.

    ((… Adding that useless ‘LOL’ in the end as if this is not just my opinion and I’m being humorous about it so if I get investigated or something, I have that nasty ‘LOL’ as proof =D))

    • HAHA! I was seriously like “lolwut?” for a moment there! though I do realize how much this will allow for easy stalking, and so far I didn’t find a way to limit the posts which I want to show, but I’m guessing they’ll roll it out in the settings, just like all the other privacy settings that we seem to have missed and messed up our profiles, countless times 😀

      • Seriously dude. Facebook, Google and all these ‘small’ governments (aka big corporate entities) are involved in security crap more than u think. There is no such thing as privacy, even if they fool you with it. What’s out there is out and there is no undo. You can hide from people but, you cannot hide from the system.

        Check this out: http://goo.gl/cdgKW (I knw it’s long but, it’s true and u have to watch it!)

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