The never answered question… Mac or Windows?

This question has witnessed countless threads dedicated to bashing either platforms by fanboys, without actually giving good enough refutations as to why this party says Mac/Windows is better, while I won’t offer a definitive answer myself here, I’m hoping that by the end of this article, I’ll be able to establish concrete comparison points between each operating system.

Let’s start with the most popular claim from the Apple fanboys:

Claim: There are no viruses for Mac.

Refutation: While there aren’t nearly as many viruses out there for Mac as there are for Windows, they do exist.

And for the Microsoft fanboys:

Claim: There are no games for Mac.

Refutation: More and more games are being ported to the Mac, if you open up the Mac App Store, you’ll find Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, for starters, not to mention that every Blizzard release has a Mac version, and the Windows version isn’t released earlier, they’re both released together.

Operating System wise, Windows 7 and OSX Lion… While OSX Lion has just been released not 2 months ago, Microsoft are heading the same direction Apple took, OSX Lion, to me, is Snow Leopard with a bunch of eye candy, and inverted scrolling (If you happen not to own a MacBook Pro, I’m sorry to say, you’ll have to suffer the inverted scrolling), I didn’t notice much difference between Lion and Snow Leopard, except for the newly added Launch Pad, and Mission Control, which are neat, yeah, but make the OS resemble the iOS a bit too much, and I can see that Apple are trying to unify both operating systems as much as possible, but I used to like having my laptop’s operating system being that of a computer, not of a tablet, this however doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, on the contrary; there is a noticeable boost in performance compared to Snow Leopard! Microsoft however, with Windows 8 on its way, is trying even harder than apple to unifying the operating systems between Windows Phone 7/7.5 and our good ol’ Windows, to the point that Windows 8 will be able to run on ARM powered PCs, which will open up a whole new level of budget computers, smart move on Microsoft’s side? Hell yes!

I can now go to my next point, since we’re in the topic of budgets as well, there is no denying that Macs are expensive, but I actually don’t regret getting a Windows laptop with twice the specifications instead of my Mac; because there are some things that set Macs apart, a major point here is of course the operating system, it’s stability is really nice, unlike Windows which without proper care, can BSOD in no time, but that’s for the average user that doesn’t know how to take care of their computer, to whom I actually advise not to get Macs, since they won’t be needing them. Almost all musicians use Macs to record their work, the audio interface on the Mac is really outstanding, which brings me to another point, which is the unified systems that Apple produce, since Apple is the only company that makes Mac computers, you can always expect the same quality from each and every one of their systems, unlike Windows, Microsoft has lots of retailers, Sony, Dell, Acer, to name a few.

Windows PCs however, are always cheaper compared to Macs, and while it’s not exactly true that nothing is developed for Macs, on the gaming front, most games are developed for Windows, the newer games at least, take Battlefield 3 for instance, there are no plans yet for it to be released on the Mac platform, and so far, the PC version will feature the best graphics/performance, with the Xbox 360 and the PS3 versions lagging behind. Another thing for Windows based PCs, is that they are customizable, you have to go through hell to find parts that are compatible with your Mac, and you’ll end up paying A LOT of money for said parts, PCs don’t face this problem though, if your computer starts getting older, you can always update the GPU, your CPU, Rams, what have you! So customization for PCs are always easier.

What I would advise you, if you’re planning on buying a Mac, or a PC, is figuring out what you will be using this computer for, no one will be absolutely right about which is the better platform.

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