God of War: Chains of Olympus HD (PS3) Review

God of War’s PlayStation Portable debut has made it in HD to the PlayStation 3, and it is phenomenal!

The game initiates the story of the God of War, set before the events of the very first God of War game, and tells of how Kratos had to serve the Olympians in hopes of them keeping their promise of ridding the ghost of Sparta of his nightmares, it starts with Kratos fending off a Persian attack, and battling a Persian summoned Basilisk, the battles make you feel right at home, with the integrity of the God of War hack and slash theme intact, and shortly through the game, you get your first magic, which I can honestly say, is a tad overpowered, shortly after, you encounter an invasion from Morpheus, the God of dreams, Athena asks you to help fend off the invasion, by seeking Helios, soon you find Eos, Helios’ sister who tells you that you need to acquire her brother’s shield, in order to stand a chance against Morpheus’ invasion, and that the Gods have succumbed to a deep slumber, and if Kratos wishes the Gods help him, he will have to help them first.

Graphics wise, I was surprised to see the PSP remaster done so well, even better than the God of War collection remaster, except for a few hiccups, if you keep running towards a chest from the sides, it’ll appear as if Kratos is standing on a beam, and you can float him around the chest, Kratos’ shadow is at times inconsistently placed, if you’re walking up a stairwell, Kratos’ shadow may appear on the very lower level of the stairwell, albeit you being at the very top, the shadow sometimes also zooms in when jumping, in certain parts of the game, and very few of the textures are extremely pixelated, like when an arrow is fired at you, you can see the impact of an arrow as a box, which really isn’t that nice for an HD remaster of the game.

The cutscenes though were re-touched amazingly, the graphics in them are really nice, on par with God of War 1 and God of War 2’s cutscene graphics, I couldn’t test out the 3D though since I don’t own a 3D ready TV.

Audio wise, it’s nothing short of what you can expect from a God of War release, the soundtrack is as epic as it has always been, and the sound effects are spot on, except for when playing too long, the game would mute for some reason.

The game is only 4 hours long, which is expected from a PSP title, but has nice replay-ability value because of the added trophy support, and the God of War in game unlockables, costumes and the like.

It’s available for purchase for PlayStation Plus subscribers as a stand alone game for $19.99 or for all PlayStation Network members as the Origins Collection bundle for $40.00, is it worth the price tag? definitely! If you, like me, are a big fan of the series, and do not own a PSP, this is a refreshing addition to your collection, as well as tells the story before the first God of War game, which is pretty neat.

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