God of War: Origins Collection first impressions

Sony has recently (2 days ago) graced us with an HD remake of two PSP only God of War titles, for the PlayStation 3, and if you don’t own a PSP, and are a huge fan of the God of War series, you’ll be psyched to hear that it is available for purchase as a Blu Ray disc, and as Digital download through the PlayStation store, both for only $40!

I purchased the digital version yesterday, if you purchase the Origins Collection, you also get the Game Directors Live videos for free! Since my internet isn’t exactly fast, I finally had Chains Of Olympus downloaded a couple of hours ago, the game is remastered in HD, can be viewed in 3D, and has full trophy support! Booting up the game, I was surprised that the visuals were that nice, for a PSP title, I didn’t expect much, merely PlayStation 1 graphics, but Chains Of Olympus stands on par with both God Of War 1 & 2 graphics wise! Though it wouldn’t hurt if they had updated a bit of the textures, when an arrow is fired at you, you can see how much it’s pixelated, and so far I only encountered one small glitch with Kratos acting as if he’s walking on a beam, while he’s actually walking normally on the ground, other than that, the audio is outstanding, just what you can expect from a God Of War release, and the environment is nicely rendered.

Is it worth the $40? Definitely! If you’re a fan of the series like myself, you’ll have a great time playing the two games!

I’ll leave off with the trailer for the Origins Collection:

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