Resistance: Fall Of Man (PS3) Review: Nice debut… Could’ve been nicer

Resistance: Fall Of Man is the series debut to the Resistance series, for which Resistance 3 has been released not a week ago, while the game itself has a nice gameplay, the story is not very memorable.

The story starts off with a little introduction of the Chimaera threat, how it originated in Russia and quickly spread across the globe, leaving so far the United States and Britain intact, however as the Chimaera virus spread, it started crawling onto Britain, and this is where the story takes place, the Americans have sent aid to Britain in the form of 12000 troops, and you, Sergeant Nathan Hale, are one of those troops, however, you’re the only one who survives, well, sort of, anyway, while playing in the first level of the campaign, you’ll get attacked by millions of small bug like Chimaera creatures, and you’ll pass out, eventually knowing that all your comrades have been infected by the virus, and have died, while you apparently have some immunity to the Chimaeran virus, throughout the game, you’ll see visions of a creature, with the screen turning red and all.

The story line is told via narration, by an officer in the British army, who Nathan Hale has saved during his escape from the Chimaeran conversion center, after a while, you join the British resistance, and start fending off hordes of Chimaeran scum! The weapon arsenal in this game is really good, and the sound effects are really nice, be it weaponry, environment, or Chimaera, the Chimaera sound effects are particularly nice, by the middle of the game, you’ll be able to identify a creatures growl, which helps in preparing the weapon to use. Each weapon has primary and secondary fire modes, which is a really nice addition to add more depth as to how humanity is striving to survive.

The things I really didn’t enjoy in this game is how the character’s don’t really capture your attention, for all you care, you’re just shooting aliens to ward off the threat, I didn’t really care for Hale, or how he’ll end up later, that doesn’t mean though that the game is boring, by all means, no, the game is very engaging in terms of shooting with the arsenal of weapons you carry around, picking which weapon in which situation is better suited, although the game, on the easy difficulty, had a lot of “trial and error” moments, moments in which you almost die instantly and have to re-do it with another weapon, or a different strategy until you finally pass said situation.

If you’re playing this game, like me in 2011, and you care a lot about the visuals of a game, you’ll be extremely disappointed, especially since by that time, Halo 3 was released, and the graphics were nicer, but then again, that’s the very first game that was released for the PlayStation 3, and at the time of playing the game, there was absolutely not one person online to try out the competitive multiplayer with.

All in all, the game is nice to play through if you want to learn the story before buying Resistance 3.

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