Castlevania Lords Of Shadow (PS3) Review: Superb action with a gothic twist!

The Castlevania series reboot is a fine example of what a reboot should be, this game is dark, gothic, and beyond brutal!

I have just finished this game, and it is really entertaining! You play with Gabriel Belmont, a warrior from the Brotherhood of Light, an order that strives to reunite the earth and the heavens again after a spell has separated them, unleashing hordes of infernal creatures, Lycanthropes, Vampires, Zombies, Necromancers, what ever it is that represents evil in your head, you’ll find it there! It’s up to Gabriel to rid the world of the Lords of Shadow, and their influence on the world. Throughout the game, you learn more about Gabriel’s motive as to why he’s fighting so hard to defeat the lords of shadow, a love he lost, his wife, and he was told, that by combining a mask, he can revive her again.

The game really delivers in terms of epic battles, throughout the game you’ll fight titans 100 times Gabriel’s size, Lycan lords, vampire generals, all with their own hordes of minions to support them, and make sure Gabriel’s battle is not an easy one. You’ll also get to know Frankenstein, and how he was imagined to be in the game, his horrible creations, the game is filled with mini games that makes the gameplay entertaining every step of the road, and make you really crave for more demon blood shed! The game’s quite difficult on the Knight difficulty, which upon finishing the game unlocks the Paladin difficulty, and two extra perks, and, albeit the game being a tad too difficult on the knight difficulty, you’re rewarded heavily if you look well enough in the (I might say, outstanding) environments of the game, there are lots of stuff to be found, gems that greatly enhance your power, scrolls left behind in the corpses of Gabriel’s fallen brethren, treasures that upgrade your secondary weapon capacities (some of the treasures, or brotherhood arks, early on in the game, require some skills that you’ll acquire as late as Chapter 9, which adds tremendous replay-ability value), upgrades to your primary weapon, and skills you’ll earn, as well as the ability to purchase new combos and moves with the experience points you gain throughout the game.

I did notice a couple of glitches, mainly in the level with the fairy door, where when I jumped, I’d get the model they made for the development of the game, as if I was seeing the game through the modeling application, but it was only on that level, and you don’t need to jump in it anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal. Also, some of the bosses early on in the game are extremely hard, especially the ones early in the game, since you don’t have the powers you get at the end, which made the final fight a bit comical for me, since it ended so fast, and I didn’t even die once while playing it.

Some people have commented that the game has a lot of platforming and not enough killing, though I did find that enjoyable, and refreshing, the platforming parts are well thought out, and the mini games present throughout the game are a lot of fun to play!

Graphics in this game are outstanding, the environments are amazing, the rain drops, the snow flakes, the tiny details on Gabriel’s face and armor makes just staring at a still from the game amazing! The score does an equally stellar job in the delivery of the Gothic theme of the game, with the music both chilling to the bone, and beautiful altogether.

Despite some minor hiccups with the gameplay (i.e. the insanely unbalanced difficulty, and irritating camera angles), Castlevania is a must play for hack and slash/platforming lovers!

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