According to Metal Hammer, Megadeth just revealed the album art for their thirteenth studio album, named Th1rt3en (Don’t you just love how much of a geek potential Mustaine has?), ladies and gents… Feast your eyes:

The Anti-Lulu

THIS is something to look forward to!

If you haven’t been following Megadeth’s career as of late, they had put out a pretty epic album named Endgame back in 2009, which was the first to feature new guitarist Chris Broderick, and Th1rt3en will once again feature Broderick, along side David Ellefson, which will be pretty epic, considering Ellefson is a great bassist, and an integral part of Mustaine’s arsenal that should have never left Megadeth in the first place.

The album will have (as its name suggests) 13 tracks, two of the songs have been released, and one has been teased, the first is a song Megadeth wrote for Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock, titled “Sudden Death”, another song is specially made for a Konami video game, and it’s called “Never dead” (so is the game by the way), goes to show that Mustaine is a huge fan of video games himself! and the third one is a song Megadeth played in a show not too long ago, and is called “Public Enemy Number One” and shows a lot of “Countdown To Extinction” influences.

Mustaine also said the new album will be a mix of all his past work, it’ll all show throughout the tracks of the album, which will be something great considering they haven’t done anything like the pre-Rust In Peace era in a while, and those were three amazing albums!

Personally, I’m very excited about this album, the album art shows it to be sinister, and the addition of Vic is always an indicator that the music will make your ears bleed gravy (Yeah, it could happen).

Update: Megadeth just put the limited edition of Th1rt3en up for pre-order on their website, it’s only for $30, and you get a digital copy of the album one day before the official release!

I’ll be leaving you all to soak down the epic news, with the epic new track that Mustaine teased a couple of month ago, enjoy people! And rattle your God damned head already!

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