FPS Showdown!

It’s the battle of the big guys here tonight! And it’s going to be fierce, Battlefield, Call Of Duty, Crysis, and MAG… Fasten your seat belts people, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Let's get ready to rumble

The first game I got for my PlayStation, was Call of Duty: Black Ops, and let me tell you this from now, Call of Duty series = BEST single player story on an FPS, and I would be lying if I didn’t say that I enjoyed every single step into that campaign! But, the campaign needs to end some day… And with that, came the replay-ability that the multiplayer is supposed to add, I was, well, we can say entertained, since I didn’t have any other games at that time, and I had heard legendary stories of hero-ism on the Call of Duty multiplayer front, and for every single gamer, you’re all pretty familiar with how COD’s multiplayer works, and it could be summed up in these 5 steps below:

  1. Run around.
  2. Kill people.
  3. Get kill streak.
  4. Use kill streak to kill MOAR people.
  5. You’re done.

So after a while, you’re bound to get bored, unless that was the very goal of your life to begin with, but people are different, sparky! I was then in a debate with a friend of mine, defending Call of Duty to my very last breath, with a mixture of fanboy-ism and the internet tested and never failing concept of simply trolling

You will die for your insolence.

My friend was then telling me about Battlefield Bad Company 2, little did I know, BFBC2 was the game that would change my opinion about FPS games for good, I then decided to give it a try, and let me say this from the beginning, the single player campaign, is terrible, I personally could not go through with it, the conversations in the game were so, clichee, for some reason, the multiplayer though, man, beyond amazing! You actually have to think before you go around and shoot people! Imagine that! The game has 4 classes to choose from, Medic, Engineer, Recon, and Assault, each with their own specialized arsenal of weaponry/tools that unlock as you progress through the multiplayer, you can actually get to the top of the score board without killing a single enemy (if either you’re invisible, or the team you’re playing against is mind numbingly dumb), you can just run around, as a medic, heal, and revive people, you’ll be a very valuable asset to your squad, and your entire team! That’s not saying the Medic, or the Engineer should get all the glory, the Assault class can restock ammunition supply, along with being a bad-ass AR sporting soldier! And the Recon is just your good ol’ school Sniper, of course this guy has C4 charges and a motion detector!

I then got MAG from my friends as a birthday present, I didn’t really start to play it until another friend got it, but damn! The maps in this game are HUGE! To be able to accomodate 256 players, in a single map, and run at 30fps with no drops, they had to reduce the graphics, so if you’re too picky about the visuals, you probably won’t like this game, but you’re missing out. It’s a bit similar to that of BFBC2, except you don’t have to stick to a single class, you can mix and match, I personally play a hybrid of a field support (Full Medic + Engineer) and Direct Action, it’s a combination that has proven very effective to me, as I can run very fast, without my stamina draining out, and heal and revive all them fallen bastards on my team! Bottom line for MAG though, it’s extremely enjoyable!

Now, onto Crysis 2, let me start off by saying, neither the PlayStation, nor the Xbox versions stand a chance in comparison to their PC counterpart, graphics wise, and I didn’t play it a lot, but I did watch a couple of friends play it, and my first impression was that it’s eerily similar to what I witnessed during the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta, it’s really A LOT like it, but I haven’t played it enough to judge anyway.

So bottom line here is, if you’re into strategy, go for Battlefield or MAG, if you just want to pwn some n00bs, Call of Duty will bring you lots and lots of joy, Crysis mixed between the two, which was fun.

A little MAG eye candy:

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