Shopping for some new headphones? A Sennheiser HD380 PRO review

Well! Look no further, ladies and gentlemen!

This baby runs for $12,900 ONLY!

Nah, I kid! Though Sennheisers are known in the industry for being the “audiophile” favorite headphones! Which brings me on to my review!

When I was very recently in good ol’ London, shopping my ass off for some electronics, I ran by, what I can honestly call, audiophile heaven! A store that mainly sells HD headphones, mics, amplifiers, what have you! Anything audio related, you’ll find in there, and I went in looking for a specific set of headphones that I had researched earlier, the Sennheiser HD555, running on for $97, and based on my research, and the reviews I read, this baby was a definite purchase! Sadly though, the retailer doesn’t ship to Egypt directly, and I had to deal with courier companies and whatnot, so I just waited till I got to London in hopes that I could find it, when I got into that store (It’s in Denmark Street, right by the Tottenham Court Road station, the store is one of the very last ones in the street, if you can see the Soho book store nearby, you’re on the other side), I asked for what my ears craved, and I was disappointed to not find it there, but they had a preview set of headphones, I tried a couple ones out, and was absolutely blown away by the Sennheiser HD280 PRO, that I just said, screw the other set, I’m taking these bad boys home! I asked the guy, and again, to my bitter disappointment, not in stock! But, he told me the HD380 PROs were in, and it’s exactly the same price, same specs, same everything, the only difference is that the HD380 PRO is collapsible, how much did it cost? Well, this piece of ear orgasmatrons


will set you back 90 Pounds (that’s around $146), but believe you me, for that price, you’re getting the top of the line in monitoring headphones! Excellent for studio use, and very comfortable to wear (even for you guys who, like me, wear glasses, it’s really comfortable!) for day to day use.

My first serious listen with the new headphones were on Opeth’s new album “Heritage” which will be reviewed later, and I have to say, the sound this baby emits, is like it’s straight out of heaven! The bass is EXTREMELY clear, nothing’s “jittery”, when you listen to good quality music on those headphones, you know you got your money’s worth!

I did try a several of the Beats by Dr.Dre line, didn’t really compare to the HD380 PRO in terms of music clarity, and not to mention, the Beats is MILES away from the Sennheiser in terms of price range! But I guess that’s price for the “cool factor” it offers, and I’m not exaggerating here but both the Beats Studio, and the Beats Pro, did not come close to the HD380 PRO’s sound, both running for (respectively) $349.95 and $449.95, you can tell how big that is of a difference from the HD380 PRO.

Oh, one more thing, I read that the parts of the HD380 PRO, are replaceable, so you won’t need to get in rage mode when the cable breaks.

And last, but definitely not least (personal favorite part, actually), for what all you geeks are craving, the tech specs (YAY!): (Copied from HERE)

Transducer principle (Headphones) Closed, dynamic
Ear coupling Circum-aural
Frequency response (headphones) 8 – 27,000 Hz
Impedance 54 Ω
Attenuation (passive) up to 32 dB
THD, total harmonic distortion < 0.1% (1kHz, 100dB SPL)
Sound pressure level (SPL) 110dB (1 kHz, 1 Vrms)
Load rating 500 mW
Contact pressure 6N approx.
Weight w/o cable 220 g
Cable length 1m coiled, extendable up to 3m
Connector Headphones 3.5 mm straight (separate ¼” jack adapter included)

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