The Blizzard effect

Now that Blizzard has bought merged with Activision, and is now called (wittingly enough) Activision Blizzard (no shit, Batman!), Blizzard starts to add some of its glare to Activision products, mainly, the world favorite shooter (for some reason that I can not personally grasp):

Balls of booty?

Call Of Duty!!!

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I abhor don’t like the Call of Duty series, it’s just that (as personal preference) I like shooters with a bit more strategy to them, The Battlefield series for instance, or MAG (God, I love MAG, some might say it’s an unusual form of love, it doesn’t shame me.) but back to the point, Activision has introduced a new ripping off method payed system for their newest iteration of the world renowned shooter, Modern Warfare 3, the new service is called: Call of Duty Elite (in other words, you’re a total noob if you don’t sign up for it!), this system allows you to check your stats online, join clans, level up clans, and most importantly, allow access to DLCs/map packs/new modes/a complimentary conscience from Oz, for free! Well, not really, it’s only free if you pay $49.99 a year, collectively, the DLCs will set you back $60 so you’ll be saving $10 (and trading your soul to the devil.) off of them pesky DLCs (weren’t Call of Duty DLCs “map packs”? or is it just me?).

Why I called this the Blizzard Effect (as suggested by a dear friend of mine) is very simple, Blizzard had revolutionized the world of Strategy and RPG gaming long before anyone else, by Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo (anyone else remember Blackthorne and The Lost Vikings? Damn I used to love these two games!), which all started as regular games, you pay once for the game, and get to play it, without extra charges, then came 2004, and with 2004 came World of Warcraft with its monthly payments and leveling ups and the sucking of your very social life, but it was fun! Still is, to some extent, now Blizzard (after the merge) decided to apply the same ideology to MW3, now I’m glad they didn’t make it a Pay-to-Play title, but it’s just a stepping stone, for now.

I hope you don’t get me wrong, Blizzard is absolutely my favorite games development company! I’m a huge fan of the entire Diablo series, as well as Warcrafts II, III, and the frozen throne, it’s just that I feel them taking advantage of gamers, and that’s never nice, in my opinion at least.

And now I shall leave you with the reason why we all loved Warcraft III:


2 thoughts on “The Blizzard effect

  1. ma3ak 7a2 ya a5i, ana ma3andeesh mane3 atfa3 1000 genih fih game tasta7e2, bas ma3otosh atfa3 10 genih kol shahr le7ad ma amooot! wana ma3ak en faks call of duty as a fps game, el single campaign is nice , 3ala tool men a2yam call of duty 1, so BF3 FTW!!!!!! 28/10/2011!!

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