Gadget showdown! Move vs. Kinect vs. The Wiimote.

While it is certainly clear to everyone who reads this blog that I’m a die hard (no, not the one with Bruce Willis) PlayStation fan, I do have certain points of view concerning the gadgets that have been outed a year or two ago (or in Nintendo’s case, 5 years ago).

Let’s start with the Wii.

Oh the humanity!!!

My sister got a Wii on her birthday 3 or 2 years ago, and it was the first “Next Gen” Console in the house for a while, and since this is not a console review, but merely a motion sensing review, I will refrain from saying my opinion about the console itself, the sensor bar that came with the Wii works on infrared (yeah, it still exists) emitted from the Wiimote, as well as an accelerometer for the Wiimote itself, now how could this combination go wrong, you ask? Well, it’s not as accurate as you may have hoped, but of course, most gamers at one point or another have seen for themselves that the Wii isn’t the best motion sensing console out there, and evidence of that is Nintendo releasing a small gadget called The Wii Motion Plus that “enhances” the motion tracking of the sensor bar and the Wiimote, apparently. And as far as the games are concerned, playing Call Of Duty on the Wii was a pain, but that goes for basically any FPS game without a camera control stick, you’ll have to drag the Wiimote all the way to the side of the screen in order to turn, in other words, if someone has a classic controller, you’re screwed, but COD isn’t what Nintendo are famous for! They’re famous for Mario and Zelda! I’m not a Zelda fan, so I won’t be commenting on this front, but as far as Mario Galaxy went, it wasn’t very bad, but the controls were a bit uncomfortable.

Microsoft however, took a different approach to the motion sensing technology, introducing the world’s first controller-less motion tracking device, the Kinect (or as it was previously referred to, Project Nathal)

It's a webcam! WITH AN EXTRA LENS!!! ZOMG!

While the technology behind Kinect is nothing short of amazing, the games that accompanied it so far are, well, meh-inducing to say the least. How Kinect works is (not applicable to non white Americans without a perfect grasp of the American English accent) that you need a well lit room, and a tremendous amount of space, so yeah, you’ll need to throw that couch away… However accurate the Kinect maybe, it lags a bit, not too much, but you can tell that your actions aren’t carried out in real time. I was only able to play Child Of Eden on Kinect when I was in Game, in England, well, I only got as far as the menu until I gave up, for some reason (it’s cause I’m not white, damned racist camera!), the Kinect wouldn’t pick up my motions anymore. Though in last year’s E3, when Future Soldier was demoed, it was pretty impressive, with the voice controls, and the dis assembly and re assembly of weapons with hand gestures, it was pretty neat, as well as the voice commands in Mass Effect 3.

Now how Sony decided to counter the two companies’ efforts was to (yep, you guessed it) merge the technologies! Creating the PlayStation Move

It's not what you think, no.

Since we all know that the idea behind Kinect originally came from the PlayStation Eye, released initially for the PlayStation 2, the Move uses the Eye, as well as the Wiimote technology, but instead of infrared tracking, the big ball on top lights up, and the eye picks up the movement of the light, and the Move itself has six axis functionality, just like the regular DualShock 3 controller, while it is FAR more accurate than the Wiimote, and faster than the Kinect, the game selection is still not the best, so far, the only Move only game I’ve enjoyed was The Fight: Light’s Out, and you’ll need another one of those light bulbed sticks to be able to enjoy the game, and play it as it was meant to be played, however more and more games are having Move functionality, like Killzone 3, MAG, and Heavy Rain, to name a few.

Kinect and Move are still new gadgets that need more time to stand on their own, and I think we might be seeing impressive games in the future that will use these technologies to their fullest potential, until then though, I suggest you all save your money.

2 thoughts on “Gadget showdown! Move vs. Kinect vs. The Wiimote.

  1. Nice review mate, and lol at the racist camera part!
    I wish i could have the chance to test the Kinect or Project Nathal, damn that name was cooler than Kinect :/ Anyway, it’s quite an interesting review!

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