Bayonetta (PS3) Review: Fast, hard, and hot as hell!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll leave it to you guys to judge:


I can wrap it up with only this picture, since it’s expressive as hell, but this is a review, after all!

I have personally heard thousands of craps on the game play from Bayonetta, how it’s a Devil May Cry rip off, how it’s stolen all the boss fights from God Of War (Dante’s Inferno, anyone?) how it’s so tacky, let me just start by saying that this game, is, hands down, the fastest hack and slash game I’ve ever played, and I’m a huge sucker for hack and slash games! It starts off with this incredibly hot nun “praying”, and some annoying guy screeching from her side, then BAM! You’re killing angels for a living! I personally liked how they just got you in the story fast like that, no boring “work-your-way-up” first, of course the game play rewards you plenty! The game has 5 difficulties, 3 available from the start, and two unlockables (Hard, and ∞ Climax), I only managed to finish it on the highest (available from the start) difficulty, which was the Normal difficulty (I tend to like a challenge every now and then).

Okay though, back to the game play! So you’re there, killing angels to honor some contract you made with hell (won’t go too much into details, wouldn’t want to spoil anything for anyone) and then you get nicer guns than the ones you already have! 4 to be more precise, two for your hands, and two for your legs, and you can just imagine from there the insane amount of combos that can be done throughout the game! There’s north of 50 combos at least to be learned! And that’s just for one weapon! How many weapons are there you ask me? Well, my dear readers, 15 weapons in total! including the alternate version models (when you get certain weapons, you can purchase another set to put on your feet). The game play is very addictive, you don’t really get bored playing Bayonetta, the dialogues are certainly nice, except for Enzo’s (he annoys me, for some reason), and Bayonetta’s perfect British accent is nothing short of amazing! Makes you fall even more for this character! As the game progresses, you get to learn more about Bayonetta’s past through flashbacks, and you get to know Bayonetta better, how (in spite of) being the hair-wearing dominatrix-like character she is, she’s also very sweet! Lastly, as far as the game play is concerned, the Normal difficulty was hard, REALLY hard! Especially with some boss sequences, where it gets ridiculously tough to beat a certain boss, and you’ll just end up dying on purpose just to repeat this part with a full health bar! I can’t start imagining how harder the other two difficulties will be!

The graphics to this game are nice, definitely no Uncharted, or God of War, but still, REALLY nice! the environments are heavenly (works well for the setting of the game!) and the character models are outstanding!

Music wise, this game owns! Seriously, sometimes you’ll just stand there and listen to the music (reminded me of Sonic Adventure’s soundtrack for some reason), if you have a chance at buying the game’s soundtrack, do it!

All in all, Bayonetta is a must have game for consoles! And I picked it up used for 8 Pounds which was an amazing price!

I’ll be leaving you all with (what I consider) the most enjoyable track from the game:

2 thoughts on “Bayonetta (PS3) Review: Fast, hard, and hot as hell!

  1. This is one of the best Hack n Slash games i ever played, and THE most EPIC. They said they might do a sequel some time. i sure hope so. Nice review man 😉

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